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From: Joe Lawrence

Dear Business Credit Seeker,

What would YOU do with $100,000 Unsecured Business Line of Credit?

What if you could obtain this for a BRAND-NEW Company in a matter of months? Would this help your business EXPLODE? Could you make massive improvements in your business if you knew the tricks to obtaining more capital? Absolutely!!!

I've created a TURN-KEY step-by-step System to Obtaining Business Credit in only 60-90 days!

These strategies have helped thousands of students line up $25K, $50K, $100K even $250K within months - with no income or asset verification!!

Let me share a little about my story... My name is Joe Lawrence. The two things I enjoy most in my business is flipping houses and building business credit! When I first started my career as an investor, I used my personal credit to build my business (sound familiar?). The problem was; the more I used my personal credit, the worse my credit score became! I looked overleveraged to lenders!

What I did not realize at the time; was that my newly created company could obtain business credit. And that I could acquire business credit lines that will not show on your personal credit profile!

After discovering these techniques and appreciating the tremendous difference this has made in my life and business, I started asking fellow small business owners and Real Estate Investors in my area what they knew about business credit... The results were staggering!! Most investors and business owners do not have a clue what makes up their business credit score! They haven't any idea how to capitalize on these techniques! It's NO WONDER why these secrets are not taught at seminars.

Long story, short: I created a BRAND-NEW system that works in this economy that teaches the "7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit". After all, nowadays, you need to be creative when it comes to building capital, would you agree?

"Already obtained $40,000 through Sovereign Bank!"

Awesome and Informative! Joe Lawrence is very accurate!! Real information was provided and I would recommend it anytime to any business owner! The content presented was clear, simple and easy to apply and the concepts Joe taught in his course will have a tremendous impact on my business. I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me. In just 5 weeks, I have already obtained $40,000 through Sovereign Bank!

Jonathan Dieguez

May I show you how to line up massive lines of business credit?

Here's what you're going to learn with the 7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit:

How to get a PERFECT Business Credit Score - In only a few weeks!

The SEVEN Most Important Steps to Build your Business Credit Profile Correctly - If you skip just ONE step, the results can be devastating!

How to Establish your First 5 Trade Lines - These are business credit lines that report to your business credit profile - without using your social security number!

"Your instructions are straight forward and understandable."

I've owned and successfully operated an incorporated business for over 15 years, and until I met Joe and heard about his Business Credit Workshop I never knew the possibilities that the business could offer me in the credit area. Thanks Joe - we can now grow into new ventures, thanks to you and the information you have taught me. Your instructions are straight forward and understandable. I can't wait to keep learning with you!

Shellie Roth

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Proven Strategies for NEW Companies to Obtain their First $100,000 in Business Credit Lines! - Learn the "recession-proof" techniques that work in any market!

The Role that "Personal Credit" Plays in obtaining "Business Credit" - This is a HOT topic in today's credit crunch! Get the FACTS today!

"I lined up over $53,000 in unsecured credit in only 3 months!"

Joe's "7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit" and Business Credit Workshop System provides lots of trade secrets that can be advantageous to any business. I have lined up over $53,000 in unsecured credit in only 3 months!! Highly recommended!!

Bryan Kolmer

The Secrets of Maintaining a "Local Company" Profile - Many business owners and investors are making HUGE mistakes with obtaining business credit with their out-of-state companies. You MUST learn these strategies. One student had his lines of credit PULLED FROM HIM for not doing this correctly!

Working with Credit Partners - Discover the strategies I use in my own company and how this has tripled the amount of money I obtained this year!

Top 10 Business Credit Lenders!! This up-to-date resource reveals my favorite companies to get business credit from. This includes business credit cards and business credit lenders. I've interviewed the underwriters and attached their guidelines!! Could I make it any easier??

The Benefits are TREMENDOUS!

  • Imagine obtaining a business line of credit in only 3 months and transferring your debt over to your business lines of credit. YOU WOULD APPEAR VIRTUALLY DEBT FREE TO LENDERS!!
  • With a business line of credit you could flip properties with your own CASH! No more borrowing of hard money!! CASH IS KING!!
  • Think of the improvements you could make in your business. You could triple your marketing efforts, hence TRIPLING YOUR REVENUE!!
  • You could have a CASH CUSHION to rely on for those hard months. Imagine quitting your full-time job because you have money to fall back on. Would you sleep better?
  • Well established companies with revenue have obtained over $100,000 in their first 30 days!
  • How would it feel to be able to make decisions based on the value of the investment, not the amount of money in your checking account!?!
  • Have multiple credit profiles! You only have one social, but you can HAVE AS MANY BUSINESS CREDIT PROFILES AS YOU'D LIKE!!


"We've obtained an additional $135,000 in just 30 days from the companies and lenders Joe has introduced us to!"

I would have never made it through some of the advanced techniques without Joe's tutorials included his course! I am working on establishing credit profiles for over 12 companies and am confident we will have a 7 figure line of credit within 6 months. We've obtained over $135,000 in just 30 days from the companies and lenders Joe has introduced us to! Thanks Joe!

Christopher Matthews

The most common problem for Real Estate Investors and Business Owners (whether your just starting out or you've been in business for years) is LACK of CAPITAL. This is why the majority of business fail in the first 5 years!

The 7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit System SOLVES this problem by educating business owners on the strategies and techniques to obtain business lines of credit!

You'll Receive:



Digital Book: The 7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit - Revealed! In this comprehensive manual, I teach you step-by-step the system of obtaining $100,000 in unsecured business lines of credit without showing income statements!

I reveal the techniques to build a perfect business credit profile and the methods to obtain business credit in any market!


Business Credit Online Workshop: Gain exclusive access to our members-only website (BCW Online)! This  site contains an up-to-date resource on how and where to obtain business credit, video tutorials, ability to submit and view Frequently Asked Questions and access LIVE MONTHLY COACHING CALLS!! You'll receive your 1st 30 days of the online workshop FREE ($47.00/month thereafter). You can cancel this optional service at anytime. But we are confident after viewing our monthly video tutorials and meeting NEW PRIVATE AND NATIONAL LENDERS, you won't want to!



Audio Tutorials: Listen to exclusive audio recordings from my full day Business Credit Workshops. Hear step-by-step how to build over $100,000 in unsecured business lines of credit for BRAND-NEW companies!


Top 10 Business Credit Lenders!! This up-to-date workbook reveals my favorite companies to get business credit from. I've interviewed the underwriters and attached their guidelines!! Could I make it any easier??


30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will find our Course to be the most comprehensive, detailed and "to the point" Business Credit System available, that for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money within first 30 days of purchase. No questions asked, no jumping through hoops. AND... the gifts are yours to KEEP!

Special promotion for today only: If you purchase by tonight (midnight), then we will throw in over $275 in the following FREE bonuses!!


  • Downloadable e-Books on the "Secrets to deleting negative entries from your credit report" and "How to maximize your credit score!"

  • Video on How to Get an ACTIVE DUNS # for FREE. ($599 Value. DUNS # is basically a "business social security #")

  • Audio interview I did with the Vice President of National Bank revealing what you need to do in today's market to obtain business credit!

  • Special Report on "How to raise private money". This is no easy feat, but an important ability to develop, especially as a Small Business Owner or a Real Estate Investor

I've spent a lot of time considering what to offer this course for. I've taught many students that have paid over $3,000 to learn these techniques! Another student agreed to pay another company 10% of the amount of credit they got her! On $100,000 line of credit, she would have paid $10,000!! 

Quite frankly, I know this system can have an enormous effect on your business and whatever your investment, I'm confident you will make it back tenfold. After a lot of debate, I've decided to make our system affordable to everyone! You can enroll today, receive all the bonuses and receive the complete "7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit" Course for only $47.00!

Why in the world would I offer this course for such an great price? The truth is I wanted to create a product that anyone could afford in this market. So I've created an updated comprehensive course containing digital ebooks, audio tutorials and access to an exclusive member's only website. If you apply the techniques I teach in this course, you will see results and start obtaining business credit. I decided not to hold back in the information I share. I believe the more you put out there, the more that comes back to you! I have a passion for teaching others and realized I could reach a lot more students by not charging $3,000 like everyone else!

Imagine the impact this investment will have on your business! Is it worth $47.00, if you can obtain over $25,000 - $100,000 in a few months? Of course, that's a tremendous return on investment!

The 7 Secrets to Obtaining Business Credit is THE SOLUTION you have been looking for! How much money would you be making - using these secrets?

How GREAT would you feel if you had an additional $25K, $50K or even $100K unsecured business line of credit?

Order Now With a Credit Card With Our Secure Order Form!

Don't Miss Out On This Incredible Offer!

Best of Success,

Joe Lawrence

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